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How to greet people in Russian (Vocabulary 1)


Russian Vocabulary • Greetings
Привет! Flag of Russia.svg Hello!
Good morning!дóброе ýтро
Good day!дóбрый день
Good evening!дóбрый вéчер
Good night!спокóйной нóчи
See you later!покá·X
Goodbyeдо свидáния·O
  • The first "в" in "здравствуйте" is silent.
  • The adjective добрый means "kind".

Formal and Informal

Russian distinguishes between formal and informal modes of address (register). Friends and family address each other using the informal register with the second person singular pronoun "ты" (you), while employees and students use the formal register with bosses and professors with the second person plural pronoun "вы" (you, referring to more than one person). In the vocabulary tables "Notes" column, the "X" denotes an exclusively informal term, and the "O" indicates an exclusively formal term.

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