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Russian parting phrases

There are a lot of phrases for parting in Russian. Their choice depends on the degree of formality and personal preference of the speaker. The following two phrases are most common ones:

До свидания!
[dah svee-dah-nee-yah] Good-bye! (formal)
[pah-kah] Bye-bye. Bye for now. (informal)

Other more or less neutral ways to say good-bye:

 Всего хорошего / доброго. - All the best.
  [fsee-voh khah-roh-sheh-vah / dob-ra-vah] 

 Рад был видеть тебя. - I was glad to see you. (said by a male)
  [rahd bil vee-dyet' tee-byah]

 Рада была видеть тебя. - I was glad to see you. (said by a female)
  [rah-dah bi-la vee-dyet' tee-byah]

If you expect to see the person soon, you might say:

 До скорой встречи. - See you soon. (Literally: Till soon meeting)    
  [dah skoh-rai fstrye-chee]

 До завтра. - Till tomorrow.
  [dah zahf-trah]

 До вечера. - Till later tonight.
  [dah vyeh-chee-rah]

If you are parting late in the night, you might say:

Спокойной ночи. / Доброй ночи. - Good night.
[spah-koi-nay noh-chee] [dob-ray noh-chee]

Note that Russians use "доброй ночи" only as a parting phrase. Unlike "добрый вечер" (used when meeting but never when parting) you cannot say "доброй ночи" or "добрая ночь" as a greeting when you meet a person.
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